Silver at BFF magazine

The Zebras from my series " Lost animals " has been awarded with silver at the actual BFF magazine. I really like the magazine. The large size is fun to watch. Print is still allive :-) Next month I will announce the second part of the series.


Proud to announce the new Infiniti Q 50 campaign. Thank´s to Crispin Porter and fabulous CD Tito Melega for their trust.  Thank´s to Lisa, Dave, Tom, Gyorgi,Zoot and the entire crew for all the great work. Blocking highways is always a bit like playing god. And the downsite is, that these kind of locations are almost impossible to scout and techscout. Love the police and filmpolicy in LA to make these kind of shoots happen.


100 images in 5 weeks. 7 global locations.My first poolshoot. As long as I´m usally producing one ad image per day it was quit an experience to shoot almost 10 images per day. With our more reportage kind of approach it was pretty easy and a lot of fun for me to work with all these different kind of people. The project took us to China, Sweden, India and Austria. I was amazed by the piecefulness and serenity of the Indians. The ambition of the Chinese and the beauty of Sweden. It was nice to see employees, which all work under the same human and friendly conditions.Thank´s Lina for the great experience...


For an exhibition and book project I´m actually working on a series of pictures which shows animals who are lost in urban, human environments. Paris ,Singapore, London and New York will be my next destinations to shoot.The project will be completed at the end of 2015.


Since the 30´s , built under Mussolini, this beautyful pool is still in operation.The architecture and the mosaics are breathtaking...


For Wired/ Condé Nast we spend two days in Sweden to shoot the fancy world of Koenigsegg. The cars are 100 % handmade. The power is amazing . 1200 HP. Crazy...They produce more or less every single piece of the car inhouse. Some parts with 3 d printing... Very impressive...



At the harbor of Marseille I found this exciting building, built by Norman Foster, with a chrome ceiling in the size of a soccer field.Just to create shadow for the pedestrians.What a nice idea...

Swiss round 3

We did it again.Round 3 of the wonderful SWISS campaign.I start to feel home on the Zürich airport.Great people working there. No problem to organize a mega wetdown within 30 minutes. Or having an Airbus just for us, for a day. Many helping hands made it possible to realize our wintervision. In summer.....

It is around noon, when the entire Swiss, long haul fleet gets together on Terminal E and we where hovering and waiting until the entire family was completed...

Close to Mürren we found the lonely, remote village with its amazing landscape surrounded.I highly recommend to go there.Beautyful nature with dramatic mountains.


Fiap Festival Spain

Two of my images won Silver at the FIAP award in Spain.


The man lift we used for the turbineshot was the most scary thing I´ve ever been in.Old,no control from the platform and maxed out to the limit.Appr.180 feet.....A real adventure

Before we did some of the shots in New York I've had the chance to see Palm Springs which is a beautyful place to be.Thank´s to :

AGENCY: mcgarrybowen NY | CD:Frauke | AD: Jason Slack, Erik Jansen | AB: Amy Zimmermann


To shoot landscapes for green mountain coffee we had the pleasure to fly  helicopter over Alaska. I was really amazed by the beauty of this wonderful area. 50 Miles around us just nothing. No house, human beeing or even a road. Definetely one of the most beautyful places I´ve ever seen. - 22 Fahrenheit was tough, but made the people living there unexpected warm and open. Thank´s to Deena, Bob and Glen to bring us out there...


I feel blessed to work with such an exciting client like Swiss,who always come up with new topics.New York was a helicopter.Singapore was just a great hotel room on the highest floor of a hotel.I think their airplanes have the most elegant and pure design of all airlines....

AGENCY: Publicis Zurich | CD: Tim Hoppin | AD: Swen Morath


To shoot some images for green mountain coffee , we went all the way up by car from Boston to Rangeley/Maine.Elks on the street,hydroplanes behind the house and the nature is just amazing.Ebay doesn´t seems to be very common out there.

The people are using their cars and trucks for ever and put them infront of their lands when they are done, to sell them.I´ve seen hundreds of cool cars from the 60`s and 70´s.Just a charming way to find a new car.Driving around in Maine.....


I´m very happy  and proud about all the awards we won this year.Thank´s Swen Morath and Tim Hoppin for the wonderful Swiss campaign and all your creative input and support.

Thank´s Ruth Eichhorn from GEO for sending me and my assistant to Rome for two weeks. 

And thank´s to the entire Zurich Team for shooting so many exciting ads with me and giving me the chance to shoot my personal series : Viareggio . And last but not least thank´s to my loved Assistant and great retoucher Matthias Buchholz for his excellent work and his big loyalty since so many years....



It was a pleasure to finally work for my government and see where my taxes end up :-) To shoot the new offshore windpark in the north sea we had a 1 hour distance to fly over water to get out there.No autorotation land...Wetsuits for all of us.But we had a beautyful,large helicopter.Check out the making off pictures.

Shooting with a baby was fun and unexpectedly easy.We had a reborn baby doll which was scary authentic, but at the end I was happy we where able to work with the real baby we had on set.

AGENCY: Zum goldenen Hirschen | CD: Marcel Fleiner | AB: Daniela Haitzler | Production: Locke.motion

liwa desert abu dhabi

I was really impressed by the beauty of the Liwa desert.150 Km outside from Abu Dhabi.It is 100 % silent.The sand is incredible fine and there is no toxic animals,which makes the barefoot tour just nicer....

The shape of the dunes and the entire atmosphere is just amazing.We did a camelride,but I prefer not showing the pictures in my making off section :-) 

I can highly recommend to go there.Quasr al Sárab is the only place to stay..Magic...

Union Pacific

Even if I always try to find a perspective which is closer to the catering,I mostly end up in a man lift, or a helicopter.Whenever I go up the landscape szenery open up,get layers and just look a little different.And the Best of all.It provides a unique,never seen before perspective.

Thank´s to Marty Amsler for choosing me for the project and spending so much time with me in the gondola.And Thank´s to Dan Halprin for his excellent production service

AGENCY: BAILEY LAUERMANN | CD: Marty Amsler | Postproduction: ZOOT | PRODUCTION: Team Halprin


Most of my flights are boring.But not this one from London to Rio.I always have my Hasselblad in the seat and for half an hour , close to Rio we had these spectacular,unusual clouds formations.It felt like a show for me and made my flight so much more exciting...